Hello, my name is Sherman and I’m a creative problem solver.

My work has taken me on incredible adventures through several countries and every state in the US, except Nebraska. I’ve escaped an attacking tiger shark, explored giant sea caves in Italy, chased pods of humpback whales, come face to face with Alaskan grizzlies, and may have made the watchlist in Russia.

The road less traveled is my default. There are more motorcycle tires to fix, but the outcome is always sweeter. I’ve never been afraid of making my own path: I dropped out of school after 8th grade, started working full time and going to night classes (before I could drive), and eventually made it to college and found my name on the Dean’s list.

I work as a commercial and editorial photographer, cinematographer and 3d generalist, with a focus on product visualization. My studio is in the arts district of Downtown Los Angeles.

I am always excited for a cup of coffee and meeting new people, so please send a message and we’ll get together. Better yet, let’s road trip to Nebraska.

-Sherman T Pollard